About Us

The Gravel Ridge Fire Department is a combination Fire Department,

 consisting of full time and part time firefighters.

Many firefighters are EMT-Bís, EMT-Pís, Hazmat Technicians,

and Emergency Managers.  GRFD operates two Engine Companies (E71 & E75),

a Heavy Rescue Company (R73), a Brush Company(B76),

and a Rescue Boat (WR77).  The Gravel Ridge Fire Department and the

Sherwood Fire Department provide Fire/Rescue services to the City of Sherwood

and the surrounding area.  The two departments operate out of four stations.

All Fire Stations are manned around the clock.

Sherwood Station 1

Engine 1, Truck 1, Rescue 1, Water Rescue 1, Battalion Chief 1

Sherwood Station 2

Engine 2, Reserve Engine 2, Brush 2

Sherwood Station 3

Engine 3, Reserve Truck 3

Gravel Ridge Station

Engine 71, Engine 75, Rescue 73, Brush 76, Water Rescue 77

GRFD Automatic/Mutual Aid Departments

North Pulaski Fire Department

Runyan Acres Fire Department

City of Jacksonville Fire Department

GRFD Fire Communications

Dispatch Center City of Sherwood

Dispatch Freq 154.430 mHz

Operating Frequencies:  City of Little Rock 800mHz Trunk System (20 frequencies)

Fire Dept Channels:  FD1, FD2, FG1, FG2, Training, City Common, Backup, Direct

Pulaski County Fire Channels:  PC Fire Common, PC Fire 1, PC Fire 2, PC Fire 3

      Arkansas Wireless Information Network (AWIN)

    VHF Repeater System (North , Central, South)

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